Smt. Veeramma Gangasiri Pre-University College, Kalaburagi

Affiliated to
Karnataka State Womens University, Vijapura
Board of Pre-University Education, Bengaluru




One of the aims and objective of education is to cultivate the faculty of memory, the reservoir of knowledge is tapped at the library of the institution. Library has a separate building furnished with comfortable chairs and tables situated at the main entrance of the college campus. There is a separate room for the members of staff with facilities and a separate furnished chamber for the librarian


There are 36x7 steel cupboard with glass doors to accommodate the books. At present the total number of books in the library are 28,605. General budget books are 24,799 and the UGC and book bank scheme with minority group are 4,306 books. The reference books in the library are 1,412, Periodicals are 44 in number. Library has two floors of 2,509 sq.ft area. Facilities in the library are as follows. 

1. Automation of the library is under progress. 
2. Internet facility for student and staff. 
3. Weekly books issue to the students. 
4. Under book bank facility the UGC books are given for a period of 9 months. 
5. Xerox facility 
6. Reference service on working days 
7. CD facility 
8. Inter Library Loan 
9. Display and execution of new arrivals

The Library functions on all working days right from 8 am to 5 pm and from 8 am to 2 pm in summer vacations. Library energises the memory and enriches knowledge and thoughts get exchanged. Library is the enlightenment of the knowledge